About Environment

In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011, Japan has become increasingly focused on reducing and eventually eliminating its dependency on nuclear power. In June 2013, over a quarter of Japan’s electricity demand was supplied by nuclear power; in September 2013 Japan’s last working nuclear reactor was switched off. There are no plans with a fixed date in place to reopen Japan’s 50 reactors. At the same time, more and more research and funding is being invested in renewable energy technologies. This section gives an overview of Japan’s environmental policies and the current state of its green technology and recycling sectors. 

The Economist, Electricity in Japan: Power Struggle,  2013

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Fourth Basic Environmental Plan
  • Sectors
    • Air pollution control
    • Soil remediation
  • Organisations and Associations
    • Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency
    • Japan Fund for Global Environment
    • Geo-Environment Protection Center
    • Japan Association of Environmental Assessment
    • Japan Association on Odor Environment
    • Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
    • Japan Environmental Facilities Manufacturers Association
  • Annual Report
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs